The brand

Abbie & Rose gives rise to a lot of different interpretations, not all of which are entirely, well, realistic…
Even though we appreciate creativity, let us set a few things straight or, as we like to say,
put the collar back on the shirt.


 yes, they do!

Abbie & Rose – or A&R for those in the know even if it is unpronounceable – is the casual-chic shirt label for the modern man, a guy who is classy but doesn’t really care about it. At Abbie & Rose, we are convinced that you can make things happen and be successful without forgetting how to relax and have fun… So we offer our shirts with this in mind and the motto « Men are boys with shirts ».

Abbie & Rose is a Belgian-French label born in Brussels in 2012. Today, it is mainly distributed… in Belgium and France (who would have guessed?) and developing in other regions like the UK, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. However, for now, our objective is increasing recognition in the countries of our roots.

Gilles Grosjean – Co-founder & Manager of the label :

Even though I am an expert in this field, I hardly ever iron my shirts. It is my way to stick to the relaxed identity of A&R – or else a good excuse, you decide.


 In case it was not crystal clear

Through the design of high quality shirts and with a great attention to comfort and a relaxed feel, Abbie & Rose redefines men’s closet classics with the little twists that make the difference.

A&R likes to work (or rather play) with materials like poplin, flannel, denim, twill or chambray but always made with 100% cotton.

A particular care is also brought to the choice of patterns. This is what makes those we can already count among our loyal adopters feel so special – either at home or out at night. Rather than the brand emphasis, the subtle fine details give our shirts their one-off identity.

Stan Van Kemmel – Sales manager :

Take a grown man, add the carefreeness of his childhood, you get the Abbie & Rose spirit! Take a “classic” shirt, add a fun twist and you get an Abbie & Rose shirt. It is as easy as it seems!


Otherwise our press kit won’t be of any use…
By the bye, feel free to address any question you may have!

Pauline – Client happiness officer :

I don’t have anything to do here but I wanted to give you a heads up! And my job is to make you happy so feel free to contact me for any (shirt!) issue you may have.


We have plenty of stuff to show you!


We promise we don’t send it everyday !


By those who talk – good – about us…