How to wash your Abbie & Rose shirt
How to wash your Abbie & Rose shirt

Unless you still live with your parents or you never touch the washing machine because all the labels look scary to you, just like this:

We want to give you 2/3 tips to wash your shirt as it should be. We admit it, the pictograms are scary indeed. We are always afraid to make a mistake and finally end up with a 2years old sized shirt as it emerges from the washing machine. So let’s make it simple. Read carefully our few tips to wash your shirt without making it shrink or discolour!

First, you have to take off your shirt. Indeed, if you keep it on you, the operation might be more complicated than expected (and a little dangerous actually). Next, consider removing the collar stiffeners. For this step, nothing difficult, lift the collar of your shirt and remove the plastic tips from the notches. If you’re running out of collar stiffeners, you can always shop them here. Before putting your shirt in the machine, take the time to unbutton it and put it upside down. After that, it’s ready to go! Of course, don’t mix the colours, avoid washing your POLOX white with your dark pants for example.

There are several options available to you regarding the washing program. Either you are a delicate man in which case, you can wash it in a (also) delicate program with other sweaters and sensitive clothes. Or you’re more of an all-in-one kind of guy, and your shirt is going for a round with your socks and your coloured T-shirts : No time to lose. One small thing you need to pay attention to in this case: the temperature must not exceed 40°C.

As soon as the machine is launched, you can go for your usual activities such as playing football, binge watching the latest Netflix series (if you’re lost, send us a message we can advise you some great series), cooking a nice little dish or ordering on Deliveroo. It’s up to you! Then, final and crucial step to make it easier for you to iron, remember to hang your shirt on a hanger. If it’s not clear enough for you yet, you can always check out the tutorial video here.

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