No, A&R Projects isn’t the code name for a space conquest project or a journey
to the center of the Earth. Here, we want to talk about men who – like us – have a project
they want to make happen, and who are carefree while doing it (yes, otherwise it could give them white hair!).

What's a
Project man?


The Story behind
A&R projects

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Abbie & Rose was born. It was in 2012 in Brussels. Since its beginning, Abbie & Rose has been an expert in men’s casual shirt. Season after season, we continue to make collections for guys who are classy but don’t really care about it. That’s the story of Abbie & Rose: we enjoy making shirts, and because we love it we do it well (at least, we hope!). For this reason, we are happy to wake up every morning (even on Monday, I swear!) , as our work is our passion. We could limit ourselves to this fact, but it seems unfair for us to enjoy our happiness in our own little corner. So we decided to share this joy!

That’s why, 2 years ago, we launched the Abbie & Rose Projects. By doing so, we want to place the spotlight on men who – like us – have decided to do what they truly love. These guys took risks and moved into the unknown to realise projects that most of their relatives considered crazy or unusual. Above all, they’re doing it with a smile. All of these men are different, as are their projects. What they have in common is their joy in doing what they do, and that’s the main thing. Who knows, maybe it will give you some ideas ;)

Our men
With projects

#10 Thibaut


Thibaut, designer.

#09 Joseph


Joseph, illusionist.

#08 Pédro

Art Photographer

Pédro, photographe. 

#07 Ludovic

Eyeglass Manufacturer

Ludovic, lunettier.

#06 Dholes

Rock Band

Dholes, groupe de musique. 

#05 César & Greg

Foodtruck Travellers

César & Greg

#04 Julien

Mushroom Grower


#03 Cédric Charlier

Hockey player, Red Lions

This guy is a hard worker and above all a big winner! 

#02 Anthony & Ben


Anthony & Ben – or Ben & Anthony - are two bosom buddies, as thick as thieves. 

#01 Alex


Alex enjoys eating and cooking for other people so much that’s he’s made it his mission in life!