Abbie & Rose is the Belgian-French brand (or French-Belgian, as you prefer) born in Brussels in 2012. We refresh the male wardrobe, offering high-quality casual men’s shirts in limited edition for guys who appreciate not having the same shirt as their neighbour. Abbie & Rose also develops a close relationship with its clients, its distributors and its suppliers and supports guys who have a project they want to make happen, and who are carefree while doing it.

# Men are boys with shirts

Abbie & Rose (or A&R to our friends, even if it’s unpronounceable) is the casual shirt brand for guys who are classy but don’t really care about it. We are convinced that you can make things happen and be successful without forgetting how to relax and have fun. Finally, Abbie & Rose targets big boys who wear shirts with the motto: Men are boys with shirts.

Thank God it's Monday

The Abbie & Rose team are passionate about what they do and are happy to wake up every morning (even on Monday, we swear!), as we love our work. We decided to highlight men – like us – who have a project they want to make happen, keeping smile on their faces. Abbie & Rose Projects presents unique men with projects, sharing the same wish to achieve their goal!

Casual ≠ nonchalant

Abbie & Rose freshens men’s wardrobe classics, improving high-quality shirts and focusing on comfort and laid back spirit, thanks to the little twist which makes the difference in our collections. Getting dressed with Abbie & Rose is to dress yourself with original and high-standard clothes. Abbie & Rose likes to work (or rather play) with materials like poplin, flannel, denim, twill, oxford or chambray but always made with 100% natural materials.

Client Happiness Forever!

Abbie & Rose attaches importance to its clients’ satisfaction. Thus, you can directly contact our team of Client Happiness Officers for every question or remark, it will be a pleasure for them to answer you!

Trustworthy partners

We want to build a real relationship with our clients, so we select the shops which distribute our shirts with care. Therefore, each team of these shop will give you the best advice about how to choose our collections. Believe us, they are trustworthy partners!
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