The casual men's
shirt brand

Abbie & Rose is the brand for guys who are classy but don’t really care about it! As experts in casual men’s shirts, we have our heart set on creating high-quality shirts, with bold designs and well-tailored cuts, season after season. Moreover, our shirts are produced in limited quantities, so you’re sure not to wear the same one as your neighbour.

Our expertise

The Abbie & Rose expertise lies in designing season after season shirts you’ll love to wear season after season (our ultimate goal: they become your favourite shirts). To do so, nothing is left to chance:

Our shirts will fit you well

The shirts are fitted just enough to put you in the spotlight, but not too much to keep you comfy. With this in mind, we developed our own shirt template to highlight your shoulders and your chest without inhibiting your moves.

Our shirts are future-proof
and laundry-resistant

Because we want you to keep them for a while, we’ve designed our shirts with high-quality details. These are proof of the care we bring to our products:

• removable stiffeners for better support of the collar
• cross buttons seam and horizontal last buttonhole for more durability
• side bottom patches to reinforce the durability of the shirt
• an initial washing at the workshop to fix the colours and prevent them from shrinking

To learn more about what makes our shirts unique:

Our commitment

The Abbie & Rose commitment is to let you proudly wear a shirt that is not the same as your neighbour. We want to offer you designs that are as unique as you are. You can expect this commitment in:

The Abbie & Rose touch

Our shirts have this secret ingredient that makes the difference:

• Little twists such as patterns or finish for The Essential or The Relaxed series: your shirt will stand out from the crowd without overdoing it.
• More specific and exclusive designs for The Hip series, which features some assertive design.
• Fabrics and exclusive patterns from some of the best suppliers for labelled Finest Edition shirts, and above all in very limited editions!

Exclusive series

You are unique, so your shirt has to be as well. Thus, each item is produced in limited quantity with a special care given to the design. That way, you’re sure not to see too many people walking around in the same one!

100% natural materials

All our shirts are made from 100% natural fabrics (mainly cotton, but also linen for our summer collections). We like to work (or rather play) with the different weaves of these fibres, that’s why you will find among our shirts many different textures.

To learn more about the different weaves:

Therefore, at Abbie & Rose you can expect a true expertise on casual men’s shirts, which can be seen in the high-quality and attention to details brought to our products. Moreover, you’ll be seduced by our exclusive designs that will make you stand out as chic and elegant.

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