The weaves and weavings
The different fabrics to know to choose the right shirt. Oxford, poplin, denim, discover the entire Abbie & Rose collection
The shirt collars
The types of shirt collars are numerous and are not suitable for all body types. Here is a guide to choose the one that suits you best.
The Casual Shirt
Abbie & Rose is the casual men’s shirts brand, but you already know this. What you may not know is the description of the term casual shirt. Hopefully, this guide will enlighten you.
Abbie & Rose is launching ReABB!
ReABB what is it? It's the name of our new eco-responsible project that will support many initiatives to protect the environment but still offering original Abbie & Rose shirts (and maybe other things) We tell you how, why and when ;)
Organic cotton arrives at Abbie & Rose!
Hey you! You probably noticed that we are now offering organic cotton shirts. It’s more than a marketing strategy, for us at Abbie & Rose, it’s a big step in the development of the company. Let us explain in a few bullet points why we’re producing shirts made of organic cotton in our new collection…Ready? Let’s go!