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How are you doing?

We’re doing well, thanks.
Actually very well. And, without overdoing it, we have to say that it’s a bit thanks to you.

But who are you?

It’s not that complicated – first there is Pauline – and you are kind of at her place as she’s managing the website. Then there is Stan – he’s the one who spends his time in our partner stores. Finally, there is Gilles, the moustached dandy who has managed the label from the beginning…

Really, is it only the three of you?

Hum, hum… We like to make you think so. Actually we would be almost nothing without Jacques, an expert in men’s shirts for almost 40 years… Then Quentin, the man in a beanie who is also our creative director… Or Russell, the British guy who keeps an eye on everything from his little rock.

Where are your shirts designed and produced?

Our shirts are designed between Lille (France) and Brussels (Belgium) – yes we do are a real Franco-Belgian label… For the production, we have carefully selected a Turkish factory in Istanbul, with whom we have been working from the beginning, for their unique expertise in casual men’s shirts.


Is my payment secure?

The payment is 100% secure thanks to the online payment system. Your card details are fully encrypted – that is to say they are encoded to make them unreadable – and processed by Ingenico, which proceeds to payment and makes sure these are never legibly transmitted on the network.

How can I be sure my order has been placed?

When your order is confirmed, you get a confirmation email on the email address you gave us. This email contains all the details about your order. And if you don’t have access to your emails? No worries… On the website, you can still log into your account, where you will be able to find your order details.

What are the delivery times?

Once again, it depends how far you are… In Belgium? 24 to 48h should be enough to get your package… In France, Netherlands, the UK, Germany or Luxembourg? It should take a few days more, but – as far as we know – it should generally take 5 to 7 days in total. You’re further? Well, it should then take longer…

I lost my password – what can I do?

It’s as easy as pie – on the login page to your account, fill in your email address and ask for a new password. A new password will be directly sent to that email address.

My order is on its way… Ok, but how can I track it?

When your package is posted, you will receive its tracking number by email and corresponding directions to access the bPost website. You will then be able to track your package’s whole journey!

How much is the shipment of my order?

We do our best to keep the delivery costs as low as possible – and even offer free shipment when possible – but of course it depends how far away you are… Don’t hesitate to add an additional item to your cart to benefit from a shipping offer.

What can I do if there is an item I don’t want to keep?

Don’t worry about it – there is always a solution.
Do you want to exchange a shirt? It’s very simple: return the item you don’t want to keep. When we receive it – as long as the item is new and unworn – we will send you back the shirt you would like to exchange it for, within the limits of available stock.
Would you prefer a refund? No problem: return the item you don’t want to keep. When we receive it – as long as the item is new and unworn – we will reimburse you within two working days after receiving your returned item.
Please note that you have 14 days to notify us and send your return item(s), from the date of delivery, for an exchange or refund.

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