What you need to know about casual shirts


Traditionally the casual shirt is the opposite of a smart shirt, you know, the one you hide by shame under a cardigan or a sweater when you go to the office. Enough ! The casual shirt can be worn in every situation : this can be your ally at the office to show confidence and charism, tucked in or out it can also be your cool friends for relaxing weekends. Some say it’s the best new companion for a modern man.

Our style

By definition, a casual shirt is more relaxed and chilled. This is easy to notice when you loin at it’s details. Wrists and edges are rounded for a proper laid back style. The central piece or material where sit the buttons is not hidden to make it less « neat ». Finally, the collar isn’t rigid and different versions are available to really breath and assume a cool style.

The best fit

Whilst the style is really important, the casual shirt also needs to be perfectly fitted. Its owner needs to be able to pride in showing his shoulders and torso in a well adjusted style, as well a in a more relaxed fashion. The shirt needs to be comfortable enough to be worn open over a tee shirt for example. By doing so, you will look good however you want to wear it !

The material

Our shirts offer a wider range of fabric : chambray, oxford, poplin… and more ! The patterns and looks are bold, so your shirt can really express your own personality.


The casual shirt is shorter than your traditional shirts, because you will want to wear it loose. Nevetheless there is still enough length to tuck it in if you’re going out for dinner with your in-laws ! This is the versatile shirt by excellence, easy pick in all circumstances!

Size guide