Abbie & Rose brings novelty in the men’s wardrobe by offering quality smart casual shirts. Lines are constantly renewed and manufactured in small numbers so you will always feel as unique as you are.


You have never owned any shirt like ours

Born in Brussels from a real entrepreneurial spirit and a strong will to offer shirts that will make men feel unique, we are proud to offer original clothes which change the way people see a classic man’s wardrobe. Because a strong look shouldn’t be any fun or cool, Abbie & Rose will appeal to the kid inside every man with their message “Men are boys with shirts”.


Appealing and sustainable

We are shaking the traditional man’s wardrobe by designing premium quality shirts which are as comfortable as fun to wear, thanks to our little homemade twist.

Bold style, fitted shape, quality material with fun details, buttons and collars… This is what makes every A&R shirt special and unique. Every year, thanks to our amazing team’s skills, we have fun creating with 100% organic materials like poplin, flannel, denim, twill, oxford or even chambray to be able to offer you the widest range of limited series as a unique extension of your true self expressed through a shirt.

Our commitment

Fewer is the new better

We are fighting against the unfortunate consequences of our modern industry : Constant sales and discount operations have blurred the lines and confuse people on the real value of a product compared to its price. Overproductions and too many collections/ranges result from this maniac appetite for “more”, when everybody should be dreaming of “better”. We only produce in limited series, we manage our stocks, therefore we are proud to offer unique clothes we want people to buy with passion and reason.