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Pedro – who has a PhD in electronics – changed his life from a path “inspired by others” to follow his heart – and we love it! Not only because of the courage it takes but also because of the work by this photographer, who shouldn’t regret at all the choice he made! Discover his interview!

Pictures: Benoit Do Quang


*translated from the original French version by Abbie & Rose

First of all – and most importantly: what is your favourite Emoji?

When I write a message, I like to keep a carefree, cheeky and ironic tone. Hence I use the ?  ?  (too) much.

How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Idealist, creative, intellectual, in love, hedonist, passionate, stubborn, self-confident.

Ok, so… tell us how your close friends would describe you in a few words?

Idealist, creative, intellectual, in love, hedonist and passionate, a bit too stubborn and a bit too self-confident. If they’re close to me I don’t have any secrets from them, they see me as I am 😉

Tell us more about your project… How did you get there?

Through the most difficult way – a countryside road rather than a toll highway.
I was student (electronic PhD, master in management and Beaux-Arts), before becoming an employee of a public service, an SME, a multinational company, then part-time freelance, full-time freelance and now manager of my own company for my artistic work. You can see how I had to wander before finding the place (and the role) that best fits me – and how society is not made for everybody, as some of us have to create our own place rather than trying to choose an existing one.

To sum up, I had a regular academic profile for a long time while practicing my artistic passion on the side. One day, I was fed up of being scared and following a given path, I started to follow my heart. This is when I started to build my new life.

It started from the heart but it was not all of a sudden. I had to follow the right steps, find the right partners and the right strategy. It was only 4 years ago but I feel like it was a very new birth, a new life. Today, everything seems so natural – whereas it was a lot of work to get there, in practice but on myself as well.

But what is your secret?

Not being scared. And above all never listen to other people’s fear. Only a few people realise everything is possible.
My heart and my intuition drive me, and then I use my brain and my experience to follow them.

So, don’t lie – you can’t work all the time. What do you do to take your mind off work?

I love to play with my son (soon my sonS), read, write, go to the cinema, set the world to rights with my friends over a good meal, do yoga and meditation, play the piano, go to rock concerts, attend conferences, never stop to learn.

Do you have a fun story to tell us about your project?

I took one of my best-selling pieces of art (Espresso Bar, in 2013) as I just arrived in London. It was in the middle of winter, (very) cold, the Eurostar railway was frozen… hence I was one hour late. I knew the friend I was staying with was waiting for me close to the station. As I arrived in London, I ran in the direction of the place where he was waiting. While running, I passed a place from which something magic was coming. It seemed so spontaneous but perfectly structured at the same time. I knew I will have to excuse myself one thousand times more to my friend who was waiting for an hour already, but I couldn’t resist. I stopped, took my camera and stayed there for 15 minutes, trying to catch the scene as best I could. A few months later, this piece of art was sold for 11,000$ at my Washington gallery.

Who did you want to be when you were young?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor and a glass blower.

And… Did it work out?

For the doctor part, I quickly understood it was not for me. For the glass blower part, everything is still possible 😉

Do you have any other dreams?

A lot. Except that, for me, a dream can only be when it’s not materially possible. I prefer to say “projects” in the longer or shorter term, but I intend doing all of them one day. For example, 10 years ago I produced my own animated short movie – it took me 5 years. I started the writing of my first novel a few years ago. I also have a family project I especially care about of course. And a lot of other projects, that I will keep for myself a bit longer ;).

And now, what do you need to reach the very top?

Nothing. I am happy every day for what I have. I am always on top of what I want –staying on course of the changing road I am building towards my next adventures. For example, my next practical objective is to keep growing the network of galleries I am featured in with the goal to reach (at least) a new one per year.

Finally, what advice would you have given yourself ten years ago?

“Don’t worry, be happy. Everything is gonna be alright.”


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